I felt healthy, comfortable and energetic

March 15, 2002 Gan Boon Soon

Greeting to Master and practitioners.

1. Introduction

My name is Gan Boon Soon. I’m 55 years old. I’m English educated with a year of pre-school Chinese education. How did I get to know the Fa?

In early 1998, during the Chinese New Year, my wife’s cousin from Australia brought to Kuala Lumpur a few copies of Chinese & English Zhuan Falun to be given to his relatives. My wife collected English Zhuan Falun(First Edition) in March or April. She told me that the book is very precious and to treat it with care and respect. After reading it I found it to be very good and mystical. I wanted to practice the exercise but did not know how. I did not know of anyone in Kuala Lumpur who practiced the exercise. She told me about the instructional video cassette tape which I got in June 1998. I started practicing the exercise by following master on the tape, with my limited Chinese, I did not know how many times and for how long to practice each exercise.

One day in late June or July, the cousin came to Kuala Lumpur from Australia. We met up for lunch. He briefly explained to me how to practice, the number of times and for how long. He also told me that the Master would be coming to Singapore in August or September 1998. He encouraged me to meet the Master at the Fa conference. As my Chinese was limited, I did not know the significance of meeting the Master then, so I missed the opportunity.

After a short period of daily practices, I could feel sensation in my palms and arms. They were rotating and spinning an created some kind of numbness. The sensation got stronger and stronger as my practices got longer and longer. Then I thought to myself that it might not be effective enough as the movements were few and slow. During the 2nd exercise when the energy not stronger I let my arms loose. They started to swing very vigorously on it’s own. I sweated profusely. I had to change two or three shirts per exercise. Initially, I thought that it was very effective because I had a good workout. After sometime, I thought that it might be wrong to swing the arms as Master never showed that movement. It was only through regular reading that I saw the passage about a year later. Quote “This is caused by everyday people’s attachment and pursuits” Unquote.

Because of this I wanted to meet up with other more experienced practitioners. Shortly later, I met them in a trade Expo in December 1998, while I was promoting my brother’s cleaning chemicals. The practitioners there refined my movements and showed me the proper lotus palms. I started to join other practicing sites during weekends. In early 1999, my Taman Abadi Indah practicing site started. Practice sessions are held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8:00pm to 10.00pm.

2. Some of My Experiences

a. Knocked by a car

In April or May 1999, after having lunch, my son who had just passed his driving test, was driving the car. He stopped the car to let me out. When I stepped out with one foot on the road, he moved the car forward. The back tyre went over my heel. There was no pain. The feeling was very unique. Under normal circumstances, the tendon would be torn the bone would be fractured. However, I felt no pain whatsoever. The tyre, felt soft like the inner tube of a tyre. I felt excited and knew that Master had protected me. There were no bruises except a black tyre mark about six inches in length on my leg. Out of curiousity, I checked the tyre, it was very hard and not like the inner tube of a tyre.

b. Guanding

In early 1999, I had a dream but I can’t remember what I dreamt about. Anyway, a warm surge of current rushed down from my head through my body and to my feet. I woke up. I was a bit worried not knowing what it was and quickly called Master’s name. Then I realized it was guanding.

c. Practitioner’s thoughts are very powerful

i) I was practicing Taiji every Tuesday & Thursday in my brother’s club. I also started practicing Falun Gong and realized that I cannot mix it with other qigong. I wanted to stop Taiji but I did not want to upset him as he had paid for my Taiji sessions. I thought about stopping it, next he told me to stop Taiji

ii) My 2nd experience on using the thoughts was when I was swinging my arms and wanted to meet up with other practitioners. I thought about it and I met them a few days later.

iii) Last year my 3rd experience on using my thoughts or mind-intent was during a dream I was walking along some jagged rocks. Suddenly, I stepped over a gap and I found the second leg could not get across. If I did, I would fall. So, I could not go forwards or backwards. I was in a dilemma. Then I realized that I could use my thoughts or mind-intent to cross over. As soon as I though of it, a surge of warm current flow through my head, body and legs. It was like the effect of guanding.

3. Some of Medical Experiences

The ailments that I know that I am suffering from are:

a. Hyper Thyroid: in 1990 and 1991.
b. Weak stomach: For more than 20 years, i.e. purged easily.
c. Hyper Tension: I was on medication since 1982 til Dec 1991.
d. Mild sinus and some skin rashes since childhood.
e. Stones in the bladder 1990 and 1991

These are the diseases that I know of. There may be other diseases that I do not know of. They may surface in the future had I not practiced Falun Dafa.

a. Hyper Tension

My father and three of my eldest brothers all died of heart failure, i.e. they all had Hyper Tension. Many of my other siblings are also on medication. In 1982, I started on a medication called (Beta Blocker). Once a person starts on this medication he or she has to take it for life. I am now off medication. Very often people ask me how or when I decided to stop taking medicine. Master has never told us to stop taking medication. He wants us to be enlightened to it. There are many references in Zhuan Falun, Essential for Advance and Master U.S. Lecture.

I am sure you all know that every individual case is different.

I personally, stopped taking medication after I have practiced for a period of time. I felt confidence because of the followings:

i) I have read Zhuan Falun, Master’s U.S. Lecture and Essential for Further Advance and know exactly what its about.

ii) I have practiced Falun Gong for a period of time. I have felt energy and or Falun circulating in my palms and arms. There is also pulsation in my abdominal area. Physically I felt much healthier.

iii) I am a retiree and I have plenty of time to practice the exercises and read Zhuan Falun and watch Master’s lecture on video tape 5 to 10 hours daily.

iv) You must be enlightened to it and take this step yourself. There are many references e.g. Zhuan Falun Lecture 1 paragraph 4, 8, and 9. Essential for Further Advance is Sickness Karma etc.

b. weak Stomach

Now I will share with you my experience on my weak stomach. Before my cultivation, if I ate anything stale or slightly bad with my family, nothing will happen to them. I will purge a few times throughout the night and will not be able to work for a couple of days.

In early 1999, I remembered having seafood on that day. The following morning after meditation my stomach ached and wanted to purge but nothing could come out. However I continue to read Zhuan Falun and concentrate as much as possible to take my mind away from the pain. When I came to Lecture Six, on 'Your Mind must be right', quote, “Our bodies may suddenly feel uncomfortable. This is because you are repaying the karma will be manifested in different ways…Thus, once some of you feel physical discomfort somewhere, you will think you are ill. You will consider it an illness. Why are there so many troubles? Let she tell you that a lot of it has been removed for you, you might have already dropped dead had you encountered this trouble” unquote. At about 6.00pm, I went to the toilet again. This time I let out a long and smelly fart (wind) and then I began to feel better.

Two years later, I had a similar stomach pain again. This time it was more painful and I was more determined. I continued to read Zhuan Falun. The duration was shorter about 5 to 6 hours. Again after a long fart, I felt better.

Unlike before my cultivation, I will take a few doses of medicine before there was any effect. Then I would be very weak for 1 or 2 days. Now, without medication and after the pain is over, I will be fine.

As I understand now. Illness does not mean that it happens only once. It may happen again and again.

c. stones in Bladder

About 10 years ago, one night I could not urinate at all. If I forced it out, it hurts and only a few drops mixed with blood came out. I had a temperature. I was very uncomfortable with a full bladder. I went to a doctor who gave me one injection to widen the urethra (the passage). I went but could not sleep. I was tossing and turning. Dawn came. I tried to urinate. I felt pain like something was scratching the urethra. I forced it out. The urine started to flow after the stone was discharged. It was a relief. At the end of it, blood was dripping with the urine. One year into my cultivation, after my meditation, I went to the toilet. White powder came out with my urine. I thought to myself that it might have been a stone. Two years later, I felt a stone passed out and blood was dripping with my urine again. I felt worried initially but maintained a steadfast mind. Now the flow of the urine is normal.

4. Family Opinions and Objections

My elder sister in Singapore knew I was practicing Falun Gong. In late 1999, when the newspaper published the incident on MacRitchie Reservoir, my sister phoned me about the incident and told to stop the practice. This gave me an opportunity to clarify to her. I felt healthy, comfortable and energetic I told her that I have been practicing since 1998, without having to take medication daily for my hypertension and other illnesses. I asked if she wanted me to stop my practice and go back to medication and feeling sickly, weak and uncomfortable and easily tired. She was silent. I explained to her on the situation in China and that Falun Gong exercises are very good. I told her to try to learn it.

Thank you for sharing my experiences. If I have said anything wrong in the Fa, please correct me.