Clarifying the Truth to Police

Xiao Mei - Petaling Jaya, Selangor

In April of this year, I heard from a practitioner that some police approached them when they were sending forth righteous thought in front of China Embassy. Police told them that people in China Embassy made a complaint to them that there are people having a demonstration in front of the embassy.

My understanding that time was, wherever a problem surfaces, go tell people the facts. Practitioners Send Forth Righteous Thought in front of the embassy on every Sunday, but we haven’t clarify the truth to the police station at that area. So I suggested telling the truth to the police.

I wrote a letter to apply permit for peaceful demonstration in front of the embassy. Few days after submitting the application, we were informed that we need to go to police station for an interview.

The police did not understand the truth. Furthermore, police treat demonstration and protest as sensitive issues. They were nervous on our application to have a peaceful demonstration in front of the embassy. They gave us many reasons why we can’t have a demonstration, and link Dafa to some groups that carry out improper activities.

I could feel that they strongly held on the views, and it would be unnecessary for me to persist on getting the permit. They wouldn’t understand the truth. My opinion is that, the most important thing is to let them understand the truth, in order to let them be saved.

I asked the police, “Just forget the matter of applying issue. Can you give me ten minutes so that I can explain what Falun Gong is to you?” he agreed.

I started to explain from how Dafa was first spread in China, until the persecution was started. I answered their questions as well. Slowly, they understood the truth. They asked us to leave all the materials to them because they had to read all the materials and had to write a report that would be submitted to Ibu Pejabat Polis Bukit Aman and Home Ministry. At the same time, they would submit our application to their superior too.

My understanding was that their report was very important. If they really understood Dafa and could write the report objectively, they were doing good deeds for Dafa and choosing the own future. So we left all the materials to them, and suggested to them that they can visit our practicing site.

A few days later, the police called me and told me that they did not allow us to have a demonstration, but the allowed us to pass a memorandum to the embassy.

I did not really understand what a memorandum was, so I asked him what I had to write in the memorandum. He asked me why I asked him questions like that. I told him that we hope to cooperate with the police. He understood then. My understanding was that maybe the situation in our country is different with other countries, so it was quite difficult for us to Send Forth Righteous Thought in front of the embassy. Although thay didn’t allow us to do that, but the permission to us to pass memorandum was also a support to Dafa.

Later on we gave them the draft version of our memorandum, and further clarifying the truth to them. In the discussion, I found that they attitude to us was different from last time. They reminded us on the courtesy of meeting with an ambassador, and how we should talk to the ambassador. I could feel that they showed their concerned for us.

We went to see them a few times. We clarified the truth to them each time we saw them. We required ourselves to follow the principles of “Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance” in our speeches and behaviors. We tried to prove to them that cultivators do not take part in politics and we do not have any backing. We do everything on our own effort.

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, I received a sms from the police, wishing me Happy Mid-Autumn Festival. At the time I got the sms, I was very happy, because he treats me as a friend of his.

Clarify the Truth to the Lawyers

I started to clarify the truth to the lawyers in the mid of this year. Many lawyers who have understood the truth asked us, “How can I help you?”

There was a practitioner talking to a lawyer in Klang. The lawyer asked the practitioner, “There are more than 10, 000 lawyers in Malaysia. When can you finish clarifying the truth to all of them if you visit the lawyer firm one by one like that?” he suggested to us that we could send our article to the Publication Committee in Bar Council and and sought their permission the publish our article. Then every lawyer could read about our article. The practitioner told me that, and I tried to contact the Publication Committee in Bar Council. They told me that I could give it a try. Finally, the article was published.

Keep our heart pure and don’t think too much when we clarify the truth. Normally what is in my mind is that, how I can let more people know Dafa is Good, and save more beings. The effect of clarifying the truth would be much better. Sometimes I feel like I am a small child when I am clarifying the truth, but the effect of clarifying the truth is very good. This made me understood what Master told us in “Teaching and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference” that “Having a simple mind doesn’t mean you have little wisdom, and having a complicated mind doesn’t mean you have wisdom”, and “A Dafa disciple’s wisdom comes from righteous thoughts—divine thoughts.” I also understood what is stated in “Zhuan Falun” that “the Fa resembles a pyramid in form. At the highest point, it can be summarized in three words: Zhen, Shan, Ren. It is extremely complex when manifesting at different levels.”

A trainee lawyer who knows the truth always clarifies the truth when he meets with politicians. If he met someone who did not understand the truth, he would show the person the picture of Dafa disciples being persecuted and ask them, “Do you think it’s right if a person was being tortured like that just because he/she practiced Falun Gong?” He also requested a Parliament member from the opposing party to raise Falun Gong issue in the Parliament meeting. He also planned to establish a working team especially for Falun Gong in order to do Dafa work more effectively.

My understanding is, the beings who understood the truth know what they should do and they are choosing a good future for themselves.

In clarifying the truth to the beings, I felt that my advancement and improvement are very fast. Clarifying the truth is Master’s arrangement for disciples’ process of cultivation. In “Fa-Lecture During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference” Master told us that “since the day you started cultivation, and all the way up to today, none of what I've told you or what I've asked you to do was for others.” “The real purpose of all those things you do is for you to succeed.” My personal understandings are, we are the one who gain the most in clarifying the truth. Slowly assimilate to Fa in the process of clarifying the truth, Sending Forth Righteous Thought and studying the Fa, and to attain selflessness and altruism.

Master also teaches disciples to “let go of their long-standing human attachments and start to seize the day and comprehensively save the world’s people” in the latest Jingwen. Hope that all practitioners here can step out to clarify the truth, and let us coordinate better in clarifying the truth. This is merely my understandings at my own level.

And I appreciate very much for Master’s merciful and compassionate salvation.