Part And Parcel of the Process of My Cultivation Practice

Chin Swean - Kluang, Johor

Reverend Master and fellow practitioners,

In this dharma-ending period, our benevolent Master has made public the most precious universal Dafa to offer salvation to sentient beings. Master has been responsible to practitioners and society. For a period of more than ten years, our Master has been giving his utmost and bearing all hardships silently. How great he is!

It is due to the predestined relationship that today we are able to obtain the Fa and become Fa rectification Dafa disciples, assisting Master to rectify the Fa in this world.

It is indeed no casual matter. In actuality, our master has arranged all this for us. “The master takes you through the entrance, and it is up to you, yourself to practise cultivation. It all depends upon how you, yourself practice cultivation. Whether you can practice cultivation all depends upon whether you can endure, sacrifice and suffer. If you can commit your mind, no difficulties can stop you. I would say that there is not a problem.” (Zhuan Falun, pg 149).

Again, Master says, “Nobody will force you or make you practise cultivation. It is your own business whether you practise cultivation. In other words, no one will interfere with it in terms of which path you take, what you want or what you try to get. We can only advise people to be good.” (Zhuan Falun, pg 119). In actuality, through my own understanding, no matter where you come from, the most important thing is that you do your part well in what our Master requires of us in the Fa-rectification period. The first thing is to study the Fa well, the second is to send forth righteous thoughts, and the third is to clarify the truth. We need to do all these three things well fundamentally and solidly. Then only can we face our Master, all the sentient beings, and ourselves without feeling guilty.

Our Master keeps on emphasizing the importance of studying the Fa relentlessly. Actually, studying the Fa well is the basic of doing well in cultivation practice and performing our tasks. If we do not study the Fa well or understand the Fa adequately. We will not have a steadfast belief in Dafa, and our characters will not be steadfast. Even worse, we may give up easily when we face difficulties. In our work we may then interpret and do things according to everyday people’s notions; we may understand wrongly and make mistakes. Not only will we not do the work well, won’t we also indirectly causing devastating effects to Dafa?

On the other hand, if we have a deep understanding of the Fa, we can weigh and judge everything according to the Fa. Then we can definitely do things well. That is why our Mater relentlessly emphasizes the importance of studying the Fa. Nonetheless, every time when we want to study the Fa diligently, there will be a lot of tribulation and tests. I recall that when I took part in the Fa study camp twice, I faced a number of these tribulations and tests. Once, in the Malacca Fa study camp, four other practitioners and I bought the 9:00am bus ticket. It was still early in the morning; I went to do the exercises with other practitioners at 5 am and I planned to depart after the exercises. At about 6:30am, someone snatched my wallet which had my IC and a few bus tickets, as well as my hand phone. At that time there was still 2 ½ hours before departure time for Malacca. I was very calm at that moment. The first thought that came to mind was that I must attend the Fa study camp even though the bus tickets were gone and I must think of a way to replace these tickets. So I immediately drove to the bus station to buy those tickets. Things went smoothly. Then I made a police report. I was able to attend Fa study and experience sharing due to my solid determination and righteous thoughts.

For the second time, the Fa study camp was in Kluang. When we had our lunch, I forgot to pass the keys of the camp to the relevant practitioners before going to fetch other practitioners. On the way, I met with an accident and was delayed. At that moment I decided that attending the Fa study was first priority and left my car there temporarily even though it was badly damaged. Later, I looked inwards and realized that I definitely have some inadequacies to make up for, or there are some tribulations I have to endure. Otherwise, this accident would not have happened.

Talking about sending forth righteous thoughts, Dafa disciples’ righteous thoughts are powerful and full of energy. My personal understanding is that when we send forth righteous thoughts, our minds must be focused, discard all negative and unnecessary thoughts, and every thought must be in accordance with the Fa.

Then every second and minute that we are rectifying the Fa, the righteous thoughts that we send forth will be very strong, very powerful, the energy field will be very large, and our xinxing will be upgraded in the process.

Concerning the clarification of Truth in Manhattan, New York requested by Master recently, hopefully there are Dafa disciples clarifying the truth on every street and every lane. These Dafa disciples cooperated well amongst themselves. If the environment and condition do not allow clarification, those may no need to do so. My personal understanding is that, in every corner and place of Malaysia there are still a lot of sentient beings waiting for salvation and it is every practitioner’s responsibility to bring them the truth. Master says, “You are doing this neither for others nor master; it is for building your own virtue.” In my understanding, this is what Master left us with to build our own mighty virtue. Therefore any Dafa work that needs coordination, let’s do it well together. The only thing that will stop us is our unwillingness to give, for we are cultivators.

When I obtained the Fa during those six months in my hometown of Kluang, maybe master arranged it so that I thought of going to two tourist attractions that is Batu Caves and Fort A’ Formosa. Nobody mentioned this, I thought so silently myself.

I have been to Batu Caves once by myself but I never clarified the truth there and did not know what to do. Through sharing experiences with practitioners we practise the exercises, study the Fa and began to clarify the truth to the tourists.

In the year 2003, a practitioner named Wong Su decided to travel throughout Malaysia to visit his old friends and clarify the truth. On the 3rd day of the lunar month, he reached my exercise site in Kluang. I had not met him before that morning but I heard him say that he was travelling throughout Malaysia to hongfa. So I asked him if I could follow. He replied, “Why not?” After the exercise I rushed home to pack and we started our journey. We stayed a week in North Malaysia. During the journey he drove without speeding, making sure that he read all the road signs. He did not want to miss even one of his friends but most of them had no telephone and some had moved away. Some others had also passed away but Mr. Wong still found some of them through memory and sincerely introduced Dafa to them. His sincerity and tireless effort really moved my heart. Although we went through a lot of difficulties, we were still determined to upgrade our xinxing.

Around April this year, I started to clarify the truth to tourists from China at Fort a Formosa. Our practitioners cooperated well and one of them even provided accommodation and conveniences for others. We must appreciate what this practitioner has contributed. I have learned and upgraded myself from observing this practitioner’s sincere attitude.

All the practitioners use the characteristic of the universe-- Zhen Shan Ren — as the standard to conduct themselves, treating people and doing things according to a practitioner’s state of mind. We cultivated ourselves in every speech and every act so that others can see the difference between cultivators and everyday people.

Initially, a practitioner fetched me to the Fort a Formosa to do truth clarification. Later on, I went by myself, carrying a big bag of materials and some large display boards. It takes an hour to travel there from my home and I have to climb more than a hundred steps to the St. Paul’s church at the Fort to reach the tourists from China.

At first I felt nervous and a bit scared. When I returned home, I realized that I have to send forth more righteous thoughts to clear up my own circumference and external factors. So I did that every hour from 10 am to 4 pm. After I understood in terms of the Fa, my state of mind became stable and calm when I did truth clarification at the site.

During truth clarification, we faced a lot of criticism, hurt, and sometimes undesirable things happen. Once, a group of tourists from China came by and I passed the materials to them. When the tour guide saw that some of them accepted the flyers, he yelled at me fiercely, “Why do you pass those materials to Chinese people everyday? Why don’t you just give them to local people? All those bad things will only harm people!” At that moment the tour guide and I were surrounded by the Chinese tourists. After I finished listening to him, I passed 2 copies of the materials to him with a smiling face and talked to him politely, “You don’t understand the truth; these 2 pieces of materials are free, for you to read.” He refused to accept them and yelled at me, “Get lost!”

Despite the circumstances I smiled and said to him, “I also distribute them to local people, all the shops and houses. It’s just that you don’t see it! Today I am able to give the materials to the tourists from China because of the understanding of the Malaysian govt. Otherwise I wouldn’t have the chance to come here and clarify the truth to you all. There are 60 countries worldwide practising Falun Gong. They cultivate according to this Dafa and there is no problem at all. Since Falun Dafa was brought to the Chinese public in 1992, more than 100 million people from all walks of life practise it. Why did the Chinese govt ban it only after 7 seven years? The practitioners in China are being arrested, beaten, put into forced labour camps, and even killed. The number of people who died while under police custody amount to over a thousand; some of them were tortured to death. All the Medias, such as newspapers and TV stations report that this is an X sect, which claimed that practitioners burned themselves. Those who were killed were claimed to have committed suicide. All these news are lies, fabricated to deceive the public. Under these circumstances, why can’t we claim justice, tell the truth, and expose what is being covered up? Those who can come to listen to the truth have predestined relationship. These are our responsibilities and we do it with sincere true hearts.”

While I was talking, the tour guide tried to object but the group of Chinese tourists listened to me attentively. In the end, they pocketed the materials I gave them earlier. They applauded and slowly, they dispersed.

When I was clarifying and spreading the truth at the site, I encountered some complaints. Majlis Perbandaran or some relevant parties would interfere and create problems. The hawkers there joined up to criticise and bully me, forcing me to stop putting materials there. I tolerated them at first. Later I understood that it is a test to see if I have the heart to do it, if I am sincere. Isn’t it a chance for me to tell the truth to them? With righteous thoughts and righteous actions, everything will be rectified. The next day, I gave the materials to them, explaining and clarifying the truth patiently, including the officials from Majlis Perbandaran Internal Affairs. After they understood the truth, we got along better from then on. The officials from Majlis Perbandaran and the police also never interfered from then on.

Now we showcase the truth materials and clarify the truth as usual. I understand that the tests are to help me upgrade myself. It is due to loopholes in my own xinxing that I need to get rid of the attachment of fear. That is, we as practitioners must get rid of our bad thoughts and human attachments. As what I understand from Zhuan Falun, we cultivate ourselves amongst everyday people so we must conform to the form of ordinary human society. We need to take things lightly, put down all worldly things and melt into the Fa. My personal understanding is that “Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance” are easier said and heard than done. It is difficult to achieve in a short period of time. Therefore, we must seriously cultivate ourselves in our speech and our actions. Then only can we upgrade ourselves, assimilate to the universal characteristic of “Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance” and finally attain consummation. I hope that all practitioners can come forward to offer salvation to all sentient beings, for the time being. It is the responsibility and mission given to us in this Fa rectification period. It is also our great aspiration.

For the time being, study the Fa well, we must do it well and diligently. There are still a lot of people poisoned and deceived by the lies; we can’t let them lose the chance and be weeded out by history.

Finally I will present Master’s Hong Yin 2 to encourage one and all: “Our cultivation path is different, but we are all in the Dafa. As long as we don’t hold any attachment in anything we do, the path beneath us is always being opened up.”

Thank you Master, thank you all fellow practitioners.