Let Go Of Human Attachment In Cultivation

Liew Yew Wei - Kepong, Selangor

Greetings: to our Venerable Master. Greetings: to all practitioners.

About a year ago, I obtained the Fa. Before that, I always have the notion of going back home. I felt that the home is very far way. But after obtaining the Fa, I now understand that going home is returning to our original true self in cultivation.

In the past, I used to smoke and I often used vulgar languages. Now together with the practitioners I noticed that they are very righteous. This makes me look inward to search within myself. In Zhuan Falun, Master clearly mentioned that the whole process of cultivation is to get rid of attachments. To start of, I decided to get rid of all my bad habits, as this is the fundamental cause in to the human notion and attachment.

Half a year ago, I had a dream. In my dream, I saw a Dao cultivator holding a Buddha whip and a precious stone. He put the stone in front of me and said. If you enter my door, this previous stone is yours. According to human being if one process the stone even with ten lives time of spending one still cannot spend it all. I shook my head and said. I do not accept the stone. The Dao adds one more previous stone and makes me another offer. I firmly said no and woke up. I realized that it is a test on my greediness. Deeply I felt happy as I have overcome this test but the joyfulness had surfaced. And I understand that to feel happy is also an attachment which is easily taking advantage by the demon. It must also be eliminated.

In my cultivation, I felt that Master is always watching and taking care of me.

One day in September, I was riding my motorbike out of the parking area and was heading home. Suddenly, I heard a loud noise from behind, when I looked back. I saw there were more than ten pieces of plywood together with iron brackets dropped from 15th floor onto the ground level. It almost hit me. At that point of time, I was not afraid. I realized that because I cultivate in Falun Dafa that I am able to escape this dangerous incident.

Recently, a few practitioners and I were doing Dafa works. We encountered with interference from thought karma. I was not able to have a calm mind to deal with this problem, so that we can do well in Dafa works. When encountering interference it must touch your heart otherwise it is not counted. When I calm myself down and search inwards I found that I did not study the Fa well.

As quoted from Master’s lecture in ‘2002 Boston Fa Conference Lecture’ “ When you do well in the Fa-rectification, I can see that it's always because you are able to understand the Fa from the Fa; and when you do somewhat poorly, I can see that it's because you aren't making a priority of Fa-study and you aren't able to understand the Fa from the Fa.” I realised that Master required us to do well in the 3 things is utmost important.

In cultivation, my biggest achievement is able to memorise “Hong Yin” and “Lunyu” They help me to calm down whenever I am facing mind interference. I will recite silently whenever I am free. I truly experienced the manifestation of the power of the Fa. Lastly, I wish to recite ‘Tempering One’s Mind and Heart” from Hong Yin to share with you.

Tempering One’s Mind and Heart

Achieving Buddha’s fruit upon Consummation
Hardship suffering treated as joy
Physical suffering can hardly be counted as painful
Cultivating one’s heart is more excruciating
Every pass must be broken through
Everywhere are demons
Hundreds of hardships drop at once
To see how one lives
With suffering in the world endured
Leaving the world as a Buddha

(December 17, 1976)