Falun Gong Make My Retire Life Healthier

Sin Chuan Beng - Klang, Selangor

Greeting: honorable Master and all fellow practitioners.

I am Sin, 61 years old from Klang, Selangor

Before I retire, I worked as a technician in factory which is manufacturing fiberglass mould. When I reached 50, various illnesses symptoms appeared, especially from the joints. The diseases were in the early stages. It became better after medication. However, some diseases would appear again after a period of time. I cannot remember for how long I suffer.

One day in 2001 when I was eating ‘Bahkut Tea’ with my friend, I could not lift my left hand and it was in pain. This time my joint disease symptom became more serious. Therefore I went back to see the same doctor. Although I was on medication, there was no improvement. Before my retirement, I had annual medical checkup and a doctor had told me that I have swollen heart symptoms. However, I did not take it seriously and I did not make an effort to cure the disease immediately.

After retirement, I spend most of my time daily on playing Mahjong, smoking and drinking. The reappearance of joint symptom made me concern about my health. Besides that, my body weight was increasing, and I decided to exercise. In the beginning, I exercise in a field close by my house. With my neighbor, I started going to Taman Rakyat, Klang frequently. Daily I jog for one to two hours. In the park, there were people doing various exercises and qigong. I only concentrate on my jogging.

The time was come. In August 2002, I received a Falun Gong leaflet from a practitioner. The practitioner told me that Falun Gong is very good. Therefore, I just try it out. This is how I started practicing Falun Gong until today. At that time, I practiced Falun Gong without any psychological obstruction because I did not hear of any negative news about Falun Gong. Even though I have jogged in that park for a year and nobody has said any negative thing about Falun Gong.

Besides practicing, I also read Zhuan Falun, a book written by Master Li which guide us how to cultivate and practice. Gradually I understand the Fa better. With master’s guidance, it is easier for me to give up my bad habits including gambling, smoking, drinking and reading unhealthy magazines. Before, it would be difficult to get rid of all the bad habits. It was the fear of being rejected by friends when you refused their invitations for drinking, smoking or gambling, as I still wanted to maintain the friendship. However, after practicing Falun Gong, my consciousness is stronger and no matter how my friend persuade me. I will not indulge in the bad habits again.

One morning while going to the practice site, I took a wrong turn. On my way, I saw four boxes of chicken lying on the road. It must have dropped from a lorry. These chickens are worth a couple hundred Ringers in the market. Although I just started practicing Falun Gong for only a short period, I did not have any greedy mind. I just dragged the four boxes of chicken to the road side and I continue my way. Then I realized that I have taken a wrong turn. On the way to the practice site, I saw a wallet with some money. After practicing, on the way back I saw the wallet again. So I took the wallet and try to locate the owner. From the wallet’s content I contacted the owner to pick up his belonging. That evening, while waiting for a practitioner to pick me for Fa study in Kuala Lumpur, I found a box with a pair of shoes. As I was rushing for time, I did not bother it. Later on, when I though back, I felt that all these incidents are tests arranged by Master. If I am not cultivator of Falun Gong, my greediness might lead me the wrong way.

I recalled an experience when I just started practicing Falun Gong. One day, I did a good thing without requesting any reward. I found that my ‘Xinxing’ has improved. One night, when I slept, I felt there was an energy flowing through from my head to my leg. After that, I understand that Master has conducted ‘Guangding’ for me.

For more than 2 years, there was no pain or symptom from my joint disease. I feel that it is cured. My 175 degree of myopia in my eyes is getting better. I have one other old disease that is my neck was twisted during an accident. This happened when I rode my motorbike when I had too much alcohol. There is no cure for this disease even though I was on medication. However, it becomes better after practicing Falun Gong. Once, I followed a practitioner to Batu Cave to clarify the truth to Chinese tourists. After arriving, I got lost. As this is my first time there, I did not know where they are. So I climbed up to search for them. Batu Caves have more than two hundred steps. I climbed half way and I took a rest, before I continued to the top. I could not find them there, so I came down all the way. After reaching down, I did not feel tired or any difficulty. Previously, I would feel breathing difficulty after climbing only 1 or 2 storey staircases and I needed to rest. With the above experience, I am aware that this exercise is very good. It slowly adjusts my body and it improves my health. Falun Gong is really great.

The above are my experiences. Should I make any mistake, kindly advice me? Thank you.