Some Sharing of My Cultivation Practice

Lian Jing Long - Triang, Pahang

Greetings: to our honorable Master and all practitioners.

I am Lian Jing Long from Triang, Pahang. Before Falun Dafa, I have been searching around for a cultivation practice. Later, I found a religious cultivation way. I joint it with a hope to gain something. I though that the principles of the religion that I chose is right and the best. So I sincerely followed the religion rules to do things. I though that doing charity, doing donation etc can gain good return or can cultivate until right fruit. Although, my mind still have a lot of unanswered questions. Such as, is doing charity really can gain good return and can cultivate until right fruit? Why good people in this world are unable to gain good return? Why bad people doing bad thing is not facing bad return? I always discussed these issues with my family members but no one could give me a satisfied answer.

One day in 1998, my eldest brother brought home a book and told me that “I have the answers to your questions.” He flipped through the book <Zhuan Falun> with his hand to Lecture 4 on ‘Lost and gain’ and let me read through. After reading, I was aware that the thing we did in the pass is nothing. Therefore, I started to read the book <Zhuan Falun> and I started to practice the exercises. I felt that it was a very good cultivation way. Thus I introduced to few of my close friends. They also started to read the book and practice. I also slowly keep away from my previous religion group.

In 1999, Falun Dafa, and the practitioners were being persecuted. Without studying Fa enough, I misunderstood that the time for cultivation practice is very limited. I started to worry about my future and afraid of left out. Hence, I started to cultivate and practice seriously. Later I saw an article published by Minghui editor <Serious Teaching>, in the article Master mentioned that “If a person has obtained the Fa but isn't able to validate the Fa, does he still deserve to be a Dafa disciple? No matter how he ‘persists in studying the Fa and doing the exercises' at home, he is being controlled by demons and is ‘enlightening' along an evil path." It created a very big impact and I was shocked. I realized that we must step out to clarify the truth. During that time, we did not have any material or leaflet for clarifying the truth. I though the only way was introducing <Zhuan Falun> book to let more people know about Falun Gong. At that time I even did not know the cause of the persecution. When someone asked about it, I totally do not know how to answer. I felt the pressure. Although, I have given out 20 <Zhuan Falun> books to people that I know. It is a pity that only a few people get the Fa.

One afternoon, in 2001, I started to practice at the field in front of my house. I was practicing alone. There was a group of children moving in a circle around me. They were wondering what I was doing. So I gave them a simple introduction on Falun Gong. Since that day, my family and I started our practice site there. We put some clarification board and leaflets and started our journey of clarifying the truth.

I also coordinate with practitioners from other places to go around distributing leaflets to clarify the truth. Gradually I learnt how to clarify the truth better. I am also awakened. Through studying Fa more we can clarify the truth better. The most memorable experience I encountered. A person said to me that the Buddhist does not recognize this exercise. I answered him that “whether the Buddhist recognizes or not is not a matter. The most important is through cultivation practice of Falun Gong one can improve one heart, improve morality and become more truthful, compassionate and forbearance.” The person got nothing to say after hearing my answer.

Through Fa study and clarifying the truth, I improve from not knowing, to arguing until can answer other people questions with confidence. These are part of my cultivation journey. Now that I can see my shortcomings and I can make progress merely because I have really step out for real cultivation.

The above are my experiences. Should I make any mistake, kindly point out to me? Thank you.