The Story of Ah Fen

Chen Zai Fen - Cameron Highland

My name is Chen Zai Fen, I am 54 years old, my hometown is Jiao Dou, Perak,then moved to Cameron Highland and settle there. My family was very poor when I was a child, so I didn’t go to school and I know nothing about cultivation.

One day in 1998, I heard somebody talk about Falun Gong in the market, I feel good at that time. Two days later, my little son tells me that he is practicing Falun Gong and wants me to join him, I promise him right away. So I started to do the exercise at the practicing site. Just after two three sessions of the practice, I heard that Master will come to Singapore to give lecture. At that time, I totally don’t have any idea what kind of person Master is. Since all practitioners are going, I also plan to take the opportunity for sightseeing, so I decided to come with them.

First day in Singapore, after having our lunch, when we are watching at Master’s photo, I notice that master is just behind us. I inform the others immediately and after I turn my head over, many people already gather forward. Fellow practitioner coming with me pulls me over to shake hand with Master. When I came to the front of Master and stretch out my hand, I suddenly felt that Master become very big, I can’t touch his hand even with my heel lifted. I have to jump a little to reach his hand. At that time, there is another person squeeze through the crowd to shake Master’s hand. I wonder that Master is just a human being, why need to struggle. I felt a little nervous when I am holding Master’s hand, so I let go my hand immediately and walk away. After that, a fellow practitioner close to me keep telling me that Master looks like 17, 18 years old, but I can only see him as over 40 years old.

The second day, when Master is giving lecture on the stage, many practitioners burst into tears. I did not know why my tear also doesn't stop.

Not too long after I started the exercise, some of my indisposition like coughs, lost sleep, stomach ache, and so on is all gone. At that time, I think that this is great. My sickness will be cured as soon as I do the exercise. I should ask my husband and my child to do the exercise when they fall sick.

When we first know the Fa, due to low culture level, we cannot understand the Fa deeply; this has caused us some losses.

For instance, there is a practitioner who quit after he saw a big eye during sitting meditation. I also seen this before, fortunately I do not give up because of this. Sometime my hand will shiver as soon as I hold the book Zhuan FaLun. And when I am pointing on the character that I can’t pronounce to ask for help from other practitioner, my finger will feel numb and swelled up immediately. I will perform some movement which doesn’t belong to Falun Gong’s during the exercise, I will swings and turn during the sitting meditation, and some other strange things. Luckily I have been able to persist in it.

I also did come across many traffic accidents, but didn’t cause any danger. There is one time, while I am driving my jeep on a small road which is just enough for a car, there is another truck coming from the opposite direction. When I wanted to stop the car only then I notice that the brake is not working. When we area about to crash, I tell my daughter who is sitting beside me that we couldn’t avoid it, just close our eyes and let it crash. When I open my eyes again, the truck is disappeared. When I turn my head back I saw it is behind us. I ask my daughter how it passes through, she said she didn’t saw it either. She also closed her eyes at that moment. Until now I still can’t figure out, how does the truck pass through us?

However,the biggest test for me is that my husband is having an affair with another woman when I just wanted to start my cultivation practice. It is very difficult for me to bear his sudden change. Although I know that I should maintain a good ‘xinxing’, but I still can’t tolerate that and interrogate and quarrel with him. After that I can’t concentrate on my work and even talk incoherently.

There is one night, I drove everywhere to look for them but I couldn’t find them. So I turn around and around without destination, finally I drove toward the root of the mountain unconsciously. Suddenly I was awakened out of a sudden, just like a knock on the head. I wonder I should not keep going like this. I still want to cultivate. Then I tell my husband that, I had decided to continue my cultivation practice, you can do what you want to do and I won’t interfere anymore. I am giving up the sentimental attachment at that moment. From that time on, I don’t care about what is happening to him. Then I came to know that when I am giving up the attachment, that woman also left him.

When the news of persecution of Falun Gong in China is published here, I do not vacillate slightly. But quite numbers of practitioner gave up the exercise. I wonder why they quit such a good exercise. If they don’t practice I will practice at home on my own.

Most of the people around me can’t understand the Fa, this has causes some resistance to me, and my family member will also gossip about it. But I know this Fa is good and I will persist in it.

One night, I had a dream. In the dream I am doing the exercise together with fellow practitioners. They are standing in the mire, while I am standing on dry land, and they are sinking slowly. I then went to look for Master, when I reached Master’s house, there is nobody in. Then I heard a voice shouting at me: You must come out and do the exercise outdoor. I understood what Master wants me to do, so I start to urge some practitioners to come back. But some of them have no faith and gave up the practice, only few of them came back to continue the practice.

After some sharing with practitioners from other area, we then knew that we have to clarifying the truth. At the beginning, nobody knows how to do it. There is once, practitioner from other area had sent some flyer and other material to our practicing site by mail. Because we have different opinion among ourselves, so we didn’t distribute it but put it aside. When I saw this situation, I wonder in my heart, no matter how we should distribute some of it. So, early morning on the next day, I brought some flyer to the newspaper distributor. After asking for his permission, I insert a flyer into each copy of the newspaper. When I went home I heard my husband said that why there is Falun Gong in today’s newspaper?

After I have more contact with the practitioner from mid Malaysia, plus many years of persistence, I have been able to read majority of the Dafa article and New Scripture. Also I care less about my family members’ opinion about me, and I now let my children handle the business. Three thing master want us to do I want to complete it as far as possible.

Although it is very difficult to clarify the truth with low culture level, but I try to take part in all the Dafa-introducing and truth clarifying activities, and contribute as much as I can.

Here, I would like to thank master for the enlightenment, and thank fellow practitioners for the help and encouragement.

Thanks to master! Thanks to all!