My Experience Sharing on Clarifying the Truth

Chan Yoke Yin - Kepong, Selangor

Greeting Reverend Master and all practitioners.

I am going to share with you my experience on clarifying the truth to the lawyers. I went to clarify the truth with another practitioner. At the beginning, we went to an area which has many legal firms, and we went door by door to clarify the truth. We told the secretary or staff that we hoped to talk to the lawyer, and we wished to let them know that many cases have been filed in overseas. We also would like to seek advice from the lawyers that what Malaysian practitioners can do.

We met some lawyers and we clarified the truth to them, and they gave us many advices. Some lawyers who have understood the truth recommended lawyers that probably can offer help to us. There was once, we went to a legal firm and met with a lawyer. The secretary told us that normally about 200 ringgit would be charged for meeting with the lawyer, but they didn’t charge me any fees. I felt that Master mercifully looked after all beings, because we have never been charged with any fees even though we have met with many lawyers. And I have never thought of paying fees in my mind too.

There was another time, we were divided into two groups to go door by door to clarify the truth. We have difference in opinions in how we should dress ourselves while meeting lawyers and in choosing the practitioner who is responsible to talk to the lawyer. We had a sharing on that, and finally we had advanced in our understandings. I also saw my own attachments through the sharing.

There was a practitioner went to clarify the truth to a lawyer. The lawyer sympathized us that when we can finish clarifying the truth to the lawyers. He suggested to us that maybe we could seek help from Bar Council. Our practitioner tried to find out from Bar Council. Finally an article that indicates the persecution of Falun Gong was published in Bar Council’s newsletter. This was how practitioners coordinated well and did well in Dafa work.

Next I would like to share with you all my experience on clarifying the truth to media. Since the persecution has started, the government used Medias to defame and slander Dafa, and twist the truth. All people are deceived and some of them are deeply poisoned. It makes them hatred Dafa and Dafa disciples. Therefore, practitioners in China have been bearing the immense pressure and they are persecuted directly.

The lies have been extended to overseas Medias, where they reprinted news from China. The untrue reports have brought a lot of negative effects and we are affected indirectly too. It is hard to dispel the negative effect to the public.

Our practitioners compassionately clarified the truth and gave Dafa materials to the media which did not understand the truth. The Medias keep on publishing untrue and defamatory reports on Dafa, but the practitioners still tried to clarify the truth to them.

Some practitioners and I tried to make appointments with a high ranking staff of the press, but he often said that he refused to see us with the reasons that he was busy and had no time to see us. Finally he agreed to see us after we had tried for many times.

When we saw him, he looked very busy and was in a hurry. I felt that there were interferences. The evil made him busy. And we were restrained by the situation and didn’t really clarify the truth successfully.

I eliminated my postnatal-acquired notions and adjusted myself. My heart must be unshakable. When we can do that we won’t be disturbed by external elements. After that, he could calm down and listen to the truth. He also took “Zhuan Falun” from us. I am sure he could understand Dafa if he wanted to, because people’s nature is kind and good. But when he goes back to his work, probably affected by the environment, he has always been changing his mind back and forth.

My own understanding is that, firstly the old forces use the Medias as tools to destroy Dafa. The people’s bad thoughts were used by the dark minions and rotten demons. Secondly, people always put their self-interests at the first place. They become shakable when their personal gain was harmed.

Based on my own understanding of Fa, although we cultivate Compassion, it can’t be used by the old forces. Furthermore, we can’t let the old forces keep on doing bad deeds and persecute Dafa Disciples and poison the beings. We can’t bring loss to beings because of our own mistakes. I think the real compassion is to care for people selflessly, for the eternal good of the individual soul and the good of universe.

Dafa Disciples is walking on the path of rectifying Fa, and helping Master in the human world to validate the Fa. Eliminate those evils that damage the Fa and poison the beings, so that we can save those beings that are kind and righteous.

Please correct me if I made any mistake.