My Cultivation and Responsibilities as Fa-rectification Dafa Disciple

Sylvia Chok - Petaling Jaya, Selangor


My name is Sylvia Chok and I am a veteran practitioner at the SS2, Section 19 and Taman Jaya practising sites in Petaling Jaya. It is truly marvellous to have the opportunity to attend this experience sharing conference and I thank Master Li for giving me the opportunity to be here. My journey with Falun Gong began in October 1998 when a very dear friend from my previous qigong practising group gave me a Photostatted copy of Zhuan Falun. I found it to be a high level cultivation that certainly can help to improve my cultivation practise. I was a practising Buddhist at that time. I absolutely believe in affinity and also life is predestined.

The overview of my cultivation:

As Fa-rectification Dafa disciple, one must constantly search oneself for weaknesses in xinxing or moral characters and eradicate them so that we do not leave any loophole for the old forces. One must study the Fa and be assimilated with the Fa and whole heartedly committed in helping Master to validate the Fa and clarify the truth to offer salvation to sentient beings during the Fa-rectification period. I have sometimes digressed instead of progress in my cultivation, whenever there are interferences or tribulations. My human mind will find reasons or excuses to satisfy my weaknesses, instead of looking inwards to either to eliminate or to overcome the situation. This could be due to my ‘xinxing’ not being strong enough or not up to the standard of the Fa requirement.

When I encounter conflicts with practitioners, I normally use my human notion to reason instead of using Fa to measure against it. The latest Master’s lecture on the let go of human notion has suddenly strike my mind that I am still drown in the sea of humanness and yet to get out of it. After reading this lecture I was enlightened that I still have many weaknesses to eliminate. On the mission of salvation to sentient beings, I have not done well too. Now I think is time that I have to wake up and really set my goal to upgrade my xinxing and carry out the duty of Dafa disciple to conform to Master’s teaching and requirements.

Our righteous thoughts are very important.

When I encountered a conflict lately, I stopped to ask myself why it is happening. For the conflict to exist there must be loopholes for the old forces to take advantage. To my surprise, after I searched inward, I discovered a lot of problems can be eradicated. However, when I measured myself with the standards of the Fa, I discovered that I had really fallen far behind and my conduct was not pure and righteous enough.

When I experienced difficulties in my work, I discovered that I was attached to my career. When I experienced interference in my Fa-study, I discovered that my righteous thought was not strong enough.

Master mentioned that the level of gong depend on the level of your Xinsing and if one Xinxing has not been upgraded and one gong will not increase. Therefore realised my weaknesses, and to overcome them l need study Fa more diligently.

My understanding of Master’s 3 requirements:

1) Study the Fa

2) Sending forth righteous thoughts

3) Clarification of the truth to offer salvation to sentient beings

My understanding of why Master keep reminding us to do the three things, that he uses a very skilful way of helping us in our cultivation process and enable us to reach consummation in a very short period of time. Firstly, to study the Fa is to increase our wisdom and knowing the way to cultivate. By doing so, we are equipped with the wisdom to be able to tell the truth and to validate the Fa to liberate beings whose minds are poisoned by the false information.

Please allow me to share with everyone Teacher’s poem

“Hurry Up And Tell Them.”

“As Dafa disciples tell people the facts, It’s like sharp swords shooting out together from their mouths, Shredding apart the rotten demons’ lies. Lose no time and save them; hurry up and tell them!”

By sending forth righteous thought one is able to cleanse one’s impurities within one’s body from macroscopic to microscopic and thought karma and also to eliminate all your surrounding bad elements that cause your sickness karma. One morning, I overheard the voice from my tape recorder when I was playing the Dafa’s song. A man voice saying to go of attachment, there is no birth and death once you are able to detach. At that time, I was suddenly awakened and felt joys within me, which lasted for one whole day. From then on, I keep reminding myself of this phrase whenever tribulation arises.

I was purging that day and I decided to take a day off. I stayed at home to send forth righteous thought every half an hour and study Fa in between. The whole day, I was purging until about 7.00 pm. I decided to send forth righteous thought to stop the purging and that I have to go to work tomorrow. It really stops when such thought was manifested.

Another incident that I encountered was the study of Fa with one’s heart. Once I was reading in my boss’s house on the Lecture on Touring the North America. The environment was very peaceful and quiet and I really melt into the Fa. I felt myself so engrossed that I felt my body was so light as though I was in another dimension. Thro’ this experienced, I realised what Master meant by study the Fa and melt into the Fa.

Telling the truth and offer salvation to liberate sentient being:

I like to relate one incident in Tawau-Sabah when I was distributing flyers and VCD on persecution of Falun Gong with other practitioners. In one coffee shop, a gentleman who was reading newspaper refused to accept the material. I asked him why he did not accept the material. He replied that he learnt that Falun Gong is a cult practise. Then I quickly seized the opportunity to validate the Fa to him. I also convinced him to watch the VCD and get to know the truth of what really happened in China on Falun Gong and that the persecution is still on going. I started to introduce the practise to him and explained to him the benefits of the practise. Lastly, he asked me am I truly happy by doing that. I told him that my joy is within myself and which is not able to be shared with him unless he takes up the practise. Finally he was convinced that this is a good practise and he will watch the VCD and find out more. I requested him to go to the practising site to learn the exercise and experience himself the benefit of Falun Gong.

The above is my personal understanding and encounter. Please correct me if there is anything improper.