A Letter to Nanyang Siang Pau Writer

Liang Feng Juan - Kepong, Selangor

Greetings: to our respectable Master and all practitioners. I am Liang Feng Juan. On April this year, a writer posts an article regarding Falun Gong to Nanyang Siang Pau. The content was not according to the fact and even consists of unfriendly and criticizes meaning inside. Therefore, few practitioners individually wrote a letter to clarify the truth to the writer. At that time, I also faxed a letter to clarify the truth to the writer. I wrote the letter base on my experience of practicing Falun Gong and also the truth of Falun Gong being persecuted. Today, I will like to read out the letter that I have written.

Mr. Lim,

Hi! I have read through your article from Nanyang Siang Pau and I found that your critic about Falun Gong is untruth. Therefore, please allow me to share my own experience with you. As a Falun Dafa practitioner, we are sincere and rational. Regarding to our benefit after practicing Falun Gong, we are clearer than others people.

Falun Gong (also known as Falun Dafa) is one type of cultivation practice base on principals of ‘Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance’ to improve body, mind and spirit. It provides huge positive contribution in increasing practitioner body and mind health and also in increasing society moral level. After Falun Dafa was spread from China since year 1992, there were 100 million cultivators’ experience cases can proof that Falun Dafa is higher level of cultivation practice.

My husband and I started practicing Falun Gong 7 years ago, that is before the persecution in China. Before the practice, my husband, 30+ years old, is a high blood pressure patient. He had to take medicine everyday. Therefore, he tried many types of exercises and QiGong practices to cure his disease but there is no improvement. After he started to practice Falun Gong, his high blood pressure returned to normal after a short period. Now he has stopped his medication for the last few years. His previous minor diseases are also cured. His body is obviously healthier than before. People benefit from Falun Gong from more than 60 countries.

From cultivation practice of Falun Dafa, we understand a lot of thing in this human world. We know how to upgrade our self morality to become a better person. For example, previously, we practice in religion but we can’t really understand what cultivation is and how to do it. At that time, I and the people around me all have some bad habits which are uneasily noticed. They are gambling, buying of lotteries, scolding people when angry, unable to tolerate ourselves when having conflict with others and always blame others, etc. After cultivating in Falun Dafa, we understand these bad habits. A cultivator should get rid of these bad habits. So we improve ourselves gradually. In fact, a real cultivator knows how to manage oneself. We cultivate our Xinxing, (moral character) using ‘Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance’ as our guide.

Unfortunately, such a good cultivation practice was being defamed and persecuted by a small group of people in China. The persecution of Falun Gong in China is entering its 6th year. In these few years, these persecutions happen on a base of lie. Persecutors not only use evil method to force Falun Gong practitioners to give-up their practice, but also make use of media within and outside the countries to deceit all the people world wide. It makes people especially Chinese in the world to misunderstand, scared and even hate Falun Gong and their practitioners. Regarding the TV programs that were shown in China are merely for propaganda purpose to defame Falun Gong. Actually, if you go through all the Falun Dafa books, you will not find any principle that teaches people to kill and to do bad thing. Even the Self Immolation Incident in Tiananmen Square case was proofed by International Education Development Bureau of United Nation to be a lie. (Please access to this website: http://www.faluninfo.net/tiananmen/immolation.asp or http://clearwisdom.net/emh/special_column/self-immolation.html )

“In our investigation,… we have obtained a video of that incident that in our view proves that this event was staged by the government. We have copies of that video available for distribution.”
- International Education Development Bureau, August 2001

Falun Dafa practitioners openly let people all over the world know about Falun Gong. Therefore, no matter it is windy, raining, snowing or shinning, they will choose to practice in garden, park or public places and tell the people the truth about their belief and the truth of the persecution. You even can see them at Pasar Malam. All they have done are merely hope that everyone can recognize the truth of the incident in the midst of gossip and rectify oneself with human kind heartedness. It is definitely not for any personal benefit. If this defamation and persecution has not happened, and there is no public misunderstanding on Falun Gong, there is no need for the practitioners to use any method to clarify the truth to others. Falun Dafa practitioners protect ‘Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance’ means that they are protecting the root value of human society.

Now, should the world people calmly think whether this persecution is fair and reasonable? Are we curious about the methods being used in this persecution? Do you feel that kind people being persecuted are totally not related to you? Mr. Lim, I hope that you can understand about Falun Gong in every prospective. All of our activities are open and you are welcome to have a face to face discussion with us.

Finally, we belief that there is a day the truth will be known by everyone. The evil persecutors of Falun Gong will be brought to justice. This is the flow of history. At that time, we believe that the people who understand Falun Gong and know the truth will feel fortunate, as they did not listen and did not belief to the lie. They can stand and support the right from the evil. Everyone should be responsible for their words and actions and Mr. Lim, do you think is it right?


Falun Dafa practitioner
Liang Feng Juan