Talk About Appreciation and on Net

V.K. Phang

Greeting everyone!

Appreciate the Chance

I obtained the Fa in June this year, it seemed so easy and direct for me to obtain the Fa, basically just joining a practicing site in one of the parks. Actually many of us have this kind of feeling, the easiness makes the Chance seems ordinary and many do not appreciate it very well.

In Lecture in the First Conference in North America , 1996, Master said, “I think many people still do not know about this. You feel that you came to this class to hear the lecture easily, but you probably have suffered in your several past lives, or even tens of past lives to obtain this Fa, just that you yourself did not know. Some even lose their lives for this Fa...I have gone through a lot to spread this Fa, and you also went through a lot to obtain this Fa…and someone thinks that this is nothing special, I receive this book easily, I get to know about Falun Dafa easily, by chance I know someone is practicing this Falun Gong, or through a friend's recommendation and then I learn naturally….so things that a person encounters seem to be by chance, but that might no necessarily be the case.”

Appreciate our environment

In our place we have a lot of conveniences, easy access to books, “jing wen”s, and we can practice in virtually any park, that's why we should really progress much further in cultivation and appreciate dearly what we have here. On the contrary, Dafa disciples in China still made great progress in cultivation in spite of the harsh and almost closed environment. This really makes me ashamed of myself.

Appreciate it!! Only making great progress in cultivation you won't feel sorry to yourselves, and to our great Master! on Net

From my personal experience in learning the Fa, I benefit a lot from on net. Everyday I go online to read “jing wen”, sharing from fellow Dafa disciples from Below are the sections I always browsed:

• Falun Dafa Worldwide

• Facts of the Prosecution

• Health Benefits of Falun Dafa

• Practitioners Exchange Insights and Experiences

• Stories of Dafa disciples

Often I was touched deeply after reading them, sometimes I shed tears. I experienced all kinds of emotions, felt like participating conference everyday. Master will enlighten me from the articles, on the things that I want to know, and behaviors that I myself need to correct, for examples sitting up tight when learning Fa, and washing your hands before touching Dafa books etc. What I want to feel, Master will also let me feel from the articles. “Seeing” the harshness fellow disciples experienced, “seeing” the encounters fellow disciples have, “seeing” fellow disciples making great progress in cultivation, “seeing” what fellow disciples have done with their righteous thoughts and actions, making you feel like you are experiencing them too. acts as a very important role in spreading the Fa and clarifying the truth. I encourage everyone to go online and have a look on Minghui.

Minghui has helped me in my learning in Fa and further understanding in Fa, especially those articles about the situation in China …I also suggest everyone to look at articles from Minghui during Fa Study at home.