A Blessing to Learn Falun Gong – Gaining Good Health that Money Cannot Buy

24 October 2004 Sin Hang Sang - Klang, Selangor

Greetings: Reverend Master and all practitioners. I am Sin Hang Sang from Pulau Ketam, aged 35. At present, I am staying in Taman Klang Utama.

I met an old friend during 2003 Chinese New Year festival. He introduced Falun Gong and clarified the truth to me. After listening to him, I felt that Falun Gong is great and it is in total contrast to what other people say about it. We then talked about life and the moral degradation of the present society. He gave me “Zhuan Falun” and some information on Falun Gong. As I was busy with my work, I passed all the materials to my mother. She decided to learn Falun Gong after realizing that there are so many people practicing it around the world. Therefore, it must be something great.

However, my mother decided to stop learning after three weeks even though her health has shown some improvement. Therefore, out of curiosity, I decided to try it and I hoped that it would improve my health.

I am selling wan tan mee at night market. Every night, when I reached home at 12 or 1 o’clock, I would watch master’s exercise instruction VCD. After two to three weeks, I had some miraculous experiences. My hand had a severe sprain before. Therefore, the pain was great when I was practicing the third exercise. The bones made some crackling noise. I persisted though feeling a bit worried. The condition improved after a few days.

One day when I was practicing the fifth set – meditation, I felt a sharp pain in my legs and experienced discomfort in my chest. This condition lasted only 15 minutes when suddenly I felt a surge of warmth flowing through my whole body and coming out of the bottom of my feet. Then, I felt something spinning swiftly in my forehead and a flash of glaring light dazzled my eyes. A blue dot appeared, traveled at great speed and then broke into small dots, flying swiftly towards my eyes. These small dots came in and out at tremendous speed.

As I did not study Fa, I could not figure out what was happening. When I consulted my old friend, he told me that it might be the process of opening the Third Eye. Anyway, he encouraged me to read “Zhuan Falun” for better understanding.

Something puzzling happened when I started reading “Zhuan Falun”. I always dozed off after reading one to two pages. This went for quite some time. I was bewildered, as this phenomenon never happened when I read other books like martial art novels. Finally, I managed to overcome this problem after discussing it with my old friend and another practitioner.

I slowly came to realize that “Zhuan Falun” is not merely a book on ‘qi-gong’, but it has profound teachings behind those simple words. It is a book about cultivation. It provides answers to many questions or mysteries about life. In the first lecture of the book, Master Li says, “the whole process of cultivation is a process of constantly getting rid of human attachments. Out in the ordinary world, people fight each other, they deceive each other, and they harm other people just to benefit themselves a little. The thoughts behind that all have to go. And this is especially true for us folks learning the practice today – you have all the more reason to get rid of those thoughts.” This is really a magnificent Great Law of the universe. Hence, I have read it four times. I also start joining other practitioners at the practice site nearby.

After practicing Falun Dafa for nearly two months, I got rid of some bad habits like smoking, drinking alcohol and buying lottery. This is because Master has mentioned in “Zhuan Falun” that when one’s xinxing improves, his or her gong rises. Besides, the exercise helps to cleanse the body. Therefore, if we smoke or drink alcohol, we will keep polluting our body.

I have been smoking and drinking alcohol for more that ten years. Whenever I found it hard to fight the addiction, I would meditate or study Fa. The urge to smoke or drink soon faded away. Besides, in the course of quitting these two bad habits, I faced many tests. Each time I refused to drink or smoke, my friends would tease me unkindly. Anyway, I stood my ground as I always remember Master’s Fa. Master mentioned in the first lecture of “Zhuan Falun” “Of course, now society’s moral level has changed, and even the moral standard has been perverted.” Nowadays, people are unable to tell right from wrong. They frown at people who wish to put smoking or drinking alcohol to an end.

Besides, since the day I read “Zhuan Falun”, I always try to behave like a practitioner in everyday life. Whenever there is dispute among the hawkers, I will step forward and be the peacemaker. I also take the opportunity to talk about Falun Gong. As most of the hawkers suffer from body pains, I really hope that they will learn Falun Gong. One day, the proprietor told me that the situation at the market always becomes chaotic soon after I end my business. He also wished to learn Falun Gong as it teaches us to be good people. Other hawkers also commented that Falun Gong practitioners are not ordinary people as they will not fight or quarrel with other people. They are not angry when scolded.

I have practiced Falun Gong for about one year. Before this, I suffered from various illnesses, for example nasal problem, pain at the back of my head and severe rheumatism. After practicing Falun Gong, I have regained health that money cannot buy. My mother also takes up Falun Gong again after having a better understanding. I also try to let more people understand Falun Gong and I hope that people will stop looking at Falun Gong in a negative way. Please give yourself a chance to understand Falun Gong. Do not miss the chance!

Above is my personal experience. Please kindly comment if there is any mistake. Thank you.