In conjunction with Falun Dafa Day on May-13 this year, Malaysia practitioners have organized the event on May-9 at Taman Tun Ismail, Kuala Lumpur and also at Taman Perbandaran, Penang simultaneously.

Falun Dafa Day in Taman Tun Ismail, KL

Falun Dafa Day in Taman Perbandaran, Penang

Activities at Taman Tun Ismail, Kuala Lumpur

Taman Tun Ismail is a garden with very good environment. It is always crowded with people every morning and evening. There are various groups of people. They come for walking, jogging or playing among themselves. Hence the site was chosen to hold our celebration.

The practitioners started decorating the place during the afternoon. They were hanging banner on trees and displaying pictures regarding ‘The Journey of Falun Gong’. Some were preparing the site for exercises. Others practitioners brought food from home to be shared with others. At the same time, we hoisted a big hydrogen gas balloon, displaying the words ‘DAFA GOOD’ in three languages – Chinese, English and Malay.

At 4.55p.m., the practitioners send forth righteous thoughts and then they started to practice Falun Gong exercises. They were doing 5 sets of demo exercise not stop. In between, the children practitioners also demonstrated the 5 sets of exercises. During that time, the site became very crowded with people watching the exercises. Some practitioners were clarifying the truth or explaining the practice to the people. Some practitioners were distributing Falun Gong materials to adults and balloons to children. Besides that, we also invited them for refreshments.

Practitioners clarified the truth of Falun Gong. Some people know about Falun Gong through negative news from newspaper some time ago. Today, they realized how wonderful Falun Gong was after hearing explanation from practitioner. Some showed interest in learning and asked practitioners to teach them how to practice. There was also an old woman who is a Christian who was attracted and wanted to borrow [ZHUAN FALUN] to read after hearing an experience sharing from a practitioner.

A lot of people know the truth of Falun Gong during this short period. Therefore, practitioners found this activity very meaningful. The activity continued until about 7.00p.m. The crowd became lesser. Practitioners cleaned up the rubbish left behind and tidied up the surrounding area before leaving. It shows the high morality of Falun Gong practitioner.